Analyzing Job Listings to See Employers’ Most Desired Skills

To have a 1000 foot view of the job market requirements and preferences, I thought it would be a good idea to count the frequency of words in job descriptions and requirements posted by the companies themselves.  As the main source, I used newsletters sent by  the American University in Bulgaria (Career Center) to its alumni for open job positions posted from June until end of August (2013).  To see the nature of these job listings, see a sample of a single newsletter. The overall scanned text length was 94725 words.  Now, straight to the results, since I intended this to be just a quicky.

Most used keywords, without any kind of filtering:


Keywords that are related to certain fields of study:


Languages: (Most of the jobs are located in Bulgaria, hence the high bar for Bulgarian)


Top technologies mentioned:


Most used collocations (sequence of words that occur together unusually often):

University degree; remuneration package; communication skills; problem solving; Human Resources; Competitive remuneration; Shared Services; English language; computer literacy; short-listed candidates; customer service;  Computer Science.

Tag Cloud (overall):


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